The Environment

Looking after our environment

With the focus towards Net zero carbon, the whole construction industry needs to quickly change ethos to align with these needs.

Fleming are already an environmentally focussed company, utilising only FSC and PEFC products in factory and site construction, together with sourcing only from similarly centred suppliers.

We strive to use local manufactures, site teams and other sources to minimise the environmental impact of transport.

Fleming are embracing innovation through the regular design and construction to the most stringent and best building methods such as Passivhaus. We also make contribution to ‘whole life’ use of materials in our design, ensuring that the future environmental impact of the products we use and produce are positive.

We therefore, for instance:

Our reputation has been built from an unwavering commitment to quality. It’s this strive for success in all that we do, that’s seen us earn our ISO14001 independent accreditation for environmental and quality management systems.

As the building sector contributes to 40% of global annual greenhouse gas emissions, it plays a vital role in battling climate change. Wood construction is a part of the solution, as timber products lock approximately 1 ton of CO2 per 1m3 of wood.

Our on-site Timber Structures division only work with sustainability managed and sourced timber and can minimise waste and deliveries while benefitting from reduced construction programmes.



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