Community Benefit

We’re passionate about giving back

As a family business at our heart, we have always been committed to adding value to the communities that we operate in.

Demonstrating the commitment, this is lead at Director level to ensure that we work proactively with our clients and all project stakeholders to develop actions that will support their own aims wider communities.

Community involvement takes many different forms such as working with local schools and colleges. This might mean, for example taking an assembly or offering work experience. Additionally, we look for opportunities to train young people in the local area and use local suppliers and subcontractors when possible.

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I have worked with Fleming Buildings on two contracts for the Council. I have found them and their community benefits contact, Ronnie Burrows, to be very dedicated in their commitment to achieving community benefits in addition to their main contacts.

Lorna Wallace
Senior Development Officer

Renfrewshire Early Years

We have been working with Renfrewshire Council on delivery of a varied program of benefit targets on the early year centres contract. These commitments were made pre-contract and delivered successfully working in conjunction with the council.  This includes:

  • Securing employment and up-skilling local people who were unemployed previously
  • Providing work experience to local people
  • Providing trade apprenticeship, mentoring and up skilling for duration of their course
  • Working with many local schools on a variety of initiatives tailored to their curriculum
  • Taking part in school career days
  • Promoting supply chain opportunities and attending supply chain open days
  • Providing financial support to local charity
The Fraser Centre

This is an award-winning building recognised by RICS in 2020- the first virtual award for best leisure building in Scotland.

From day 1 of the contract, the carefully created plans which we prepared in advance of work starting, commenced and continued throughout the duration of project. With the shared knowledge of what the centre could offer to the community we sought to combine our efforts in arranging and attending events whenever possible.

  • We worked closely within a very tight site and within a very busy town to implement an agreed plan to keep traffic and pedestrian congestion routes clear and thus minimising any disruption in the town.
  • Attendance and support during ground-breaking ceremony attended by local representatives and Fleming
  • By working with local schools
  • Provided financial support for Tranent charity
  • Time capsule was installed within build with works created by local people of Tranent
Cross Arthurlie Primary School

By working closely with the centre throughout the build we have managed to provide the following:

  • Employment and support for a local person who was out of employment for the duration of contract
  • Working with two of the local schools on creative projects relating to this build in their local neighbourhood.
  • Support of local SMES and suppliers
  • Promoting centre wherever possible and as part of this we organised promotional ground-breaking event which was attended by local representatives, centre management and the school.



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